The ultimate place to stay in central Nelson.

The INNBETWEEN is the hostel of choice for travelers, families and groups from all over the world due to our seasonal affordability and our luxury backpackers comfort. Guests adore our contemporary industrial backpacker vibe.


Our eco-friendly home

We are very proud of our beautiful clean green country and want you to enjoy everything New Zealand offers. We hope it’s not too much to ask by helping us to offset a few carbon emissions and become an environmentally-conscious backpacker whilst in New Zealand.

Follow some of our eco-friendly tips and continue to travel without feeling guilty:

  • Place recycling in the appropriate bins
  • Conserve water by taking shorter showers
  • Buy local produce and support the community
  • Befriend other travellers and cook meals together
  • Switch the light off if you are the last to leave the room
  • Use your own container, avoid buying plastic water bottles
  • Swap or leave your books in our hostel book exchange
  • Turn the taps off when brushing your teeth
  • Wait till you have a full load to do your washing or share with another friend
  • Explore Nelson by foot or bike instead of public transport

We are environmentally conscious and our guests can be reassured we go out of the way to protect and respect our environment.  The Inn Between has some modern features that work with the eco environment and maintain a sustainable ecosystem.