About Us

We love to see all our travellers explore the sunniest town in New Zealand.

Our Address is: 335 Trafalgar Square East, Nelson, New Zealand.

Purchased in 2001, owners of INNBetween Wayne and Anne Trott rebranded and gave the building a completely renovated look in 2015. Wayne delights in building projects and remained behind the scenes to ensure the plans and renovation of INNBetween comes to fruition. He is also a hands-on DIY person who willingly caters to his guests, enjoys good company with a glass of wine and discussing his love of classic cars.


Drawing inspiration from the contemporary industrial element, Anne handpicked all decor, furniture, lighting and appliances, bringing a modern twist to the glamping trend in a backpacker-style accommodation. She loves sketching and painting, and would be able to recommend places of interest for any traveller.


The name INNBetween was an intended pun: “Everyone’s in between something, whether you’re travelling or just being in between the North Island and the South Island”, describes Anne. Priding on cleanliness, affordability and security, we provide an inviting glow and luxurious comfort when you stay with us.